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Agro-geoinformatics Summer School in China

Offered by George Mason University (GMU) and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)

Time: July 15-26, 2013
Place: Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning (IARRP) and Graduate School, CAAS, Beijing, China

  • The summer school will cover the fundamental concepts, methodologies, and recent advances in agro-geoinformatics, as well as the agro-geoinformatics research and applications in China. Major aspects of the science and technology for handling digital agro-geoinformation, such as collecting, processing, storing, archiving, preserving, retrieving, visualizing, analyzing, disseminating, and using agro-geoinformation will be discussed.
    The summer school will include both classroom lectures and field trips. The lectures will be given by both U.S. and Chinese scientists. Several renowned Chinese scientists have been invited to give lectures at the summer school. Field trips will visit agro-geoinformatics research facilities and some Chinese cultural and historic sites. The lectures will be given in English or with English translations. In addition to students from U.S. universities, the school will include students from Chinese universities.
    The summer school and the Second International Conference on Agro-Geoinformatics (Agro-Geoinformatics 2013) are two parts of a large project. As a result, all summer school students will receive a discount rate for registration to attend the conference to be held at GMU in Fairfax, Virginia, USA on August 12-16, 2013. The summer school is open to senior undergraduate students, graduate students and junior faculty members.
    For questions, please contact: Prof. Ruixin Yang at or 703-993-3615.
  • $600 mandatory fee to cover room and board (double occupancy at dorms and meal at dining halls) in China and the transportation for the field trips. The students are responsible for transportations between home and the summer school site. Extra stays in the dorms are possible with extra fees.
  • Multiple $1,500 or more scholarships are available to the summer school students from US educational institutions on competitive bases. To apply for the scholarship, please send your CV (or resume) and a personal statement of no more than one page explaining why you want to attend the summer school by email to Dr. Ruixin Yang at and Dr. Zhengwei Yang at
    One field trip site is at 116°35'9"E longitude and 39°35'58"N latitude. You may use that information to enhance your statement for the scholarship. The scholarship will be paid to winners after successfully finishing the program.